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I would love to work with you

on your next tattoo!

Thank you for considering me for your project! At this time I am traveling in Thailand and unable to book appointments. My estimated return will be summer of 2023, at which time I will be very excited to start booking custom pieces!

In the meantime, you can follow my journey on Instagram @megarawiild, and join my email list below for updates!


If you are a member of my email list you will receive updates about:

-My return to Columbus-
-When my tattoo books will be opening in 2023
-New available artworks and prints-
-Custom artwork availability-


Scheduling and pricing process:

-I work by appointment only and do consultations prior to every tattoo, including flash and pre-made designs.

-Details including size, placement, pricing, etc. will be discussed during the consult.

No estimates will be given via email.

-Pricing depends on size/complexity of the tattoo. Smaller, single session tattoos may be given a flat rate.
Larger, more detailed, or multi-session pieces will be charged an hourly rate.

-If all is agreed upon during the consult, a $100 deposit must be made in-person at the shop to officially book the tattoo appointment. This deposit covers the artist's time for the consultation, preparing the design, and scheduling.
*Deposits are non-refundable*

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the interest in getting tattooed by me, and for supporting my work! Tattooing takes time, trust, and dedication on both sides, and I truly would not be able to do this without all of you.



Join my e-mail list!

Thank you for joining!

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